Solder Stencils

Avoccado° Solder Stencil

I’m back in the workshop today creating a solder stencil for the Avoccado° Nora PCB boards.

To create the stencil I took the Gerber files from the Avoccado° Nora panel and extracted the solder paste layer. From this vector file I generated the G-Code to be read and milled by the CNC machine.

After milling the mylar sheet with the Nora stencil, I cleaned it with an ultrasonic cleaner to remove any impurities that could get in the way of soldering.

I then placed the stencil over the Avoccado° Nora PCB panel and applied solder paste with a squeegee to push the paste through the CNC milled holes.

The registration was really good. The stencil masked everything on the PCB, resulting in every Avoccado° Nora PCB will having a consistent layer of solder paste.


Alex Shure

Alex Shure

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