Order Your Prototype Avoccado° PCB

Sorry – all gone! There are no Avoccado° hardware prototypes left and right now I am focussing on other projects, notably Open Integrity.


The prototype PCBs are pre-soldered with all the SMD parts: the micro controller, voltage regulation, wireless radio, the MEMS sensor with gyroscope, accelerometer, temperature sensor, and a MOSFET buffered output for a vibration motor or other high power loads. Some versions include an onboard 1s LiPo charger, some have a status LED wired to a portpin. Basically, it’s a PCB ready for a small LiPo battery.


This is not a production run.  These are hand assembled PCBs.  They are not beautiful.  They may contain bugs (which we hope you will help us resolve).


How hacker do you need to be to use an Avoccado° prototype PCB?  You should have experience with micro controllers/Arduino and know which end of the soldering iron is the hot one.