Avoccado° is a Crowd-sourced Name

After a pre-alpha phase of C3POW, the former working title, the name of this product emerged to Avoccado°. It’s easier to remember,  easier to spell, can be found in search engines, has never been there before AFAIK and the logo can resemble the Open Source philosophy much better. It’s written with a double ‘c’ because of the Creative Commons Open Source license which is used.

The small ‘o’ at the top right of the Avoccado° logo (where a copyright symbol would usually be) is for ‘open’. This is an idea inspired by Apertus°, the makers of the first Open Source movie camera.

The fruit is sliced open and the insides can be studied, up to the core. You can extract the core and grow a new version on your own. Also avocado trees don’t self-pollinate — they need another tree nearby to bear fruit.

Alex Shure

Alex Shure

Shure is a skilled craftsman and inventor active in the field of Open Source hardware within many different projects, trying to push free, libre and Open Source way beyond the world of software - to infinity and beyond, starting with the OPENiT Agency and Shure Open Technologies.